Whenever I pick up a blank piece of paper, board or canvas and hesitate for a minute or two before I draw or paint my first line is probably the most significant moment of that journey.

The luxury of a carte blanch combined with the freedom to choose your point of departure. How often does that happen in life? The first day at a new school, new job, new relationship? Similar but not as powerful.

Its my personal website, so why not start with something about me? I decided that the true hero of this site is the CMS that stages it. It does have a life, and therefore a story of its own. And it is probably as dear to me as my own story.

The content management system was originally created way back in the year 2000 using a Flash based editor. A number of websites were created using it.

Very recently (this is 2010) I decided to rewrite it using Zend Framework and JQuery. The mission was simplicity, and I have learnt in my programming years how hard it is to resist adding features upon features at the expense of complexity.

Well. So far so good - I have successfully resisted many nice-to-haves and stuck to the basics that can still carry a functional and pretty website. Or so I think.

So here it is. Finally!

This websitex has been rewritten using my newest Webbrix WYSYWIG CMS version.

I have phased out the earlier version which made use of a Flash based editor and replaced it with a pure Javascript version where you edit the actual website directly!!.

Here is a watercolour I did last year (2009) this was before I actually visited Malta. Its amazing how much clearer things can look when seen "in absentia".

PraĊĦome palaukti.