Variety is the spice of life they say. And variety I have. At least I have had.

I have often thought about what my personal website should look like, what material should it display, how could it best tell my story in some form of logical sub stories without boring the reader?

One idea that came to mind is to dispose of the "logical" aspect. Just supply snippets of my life experience as and when I remember them. After all, is that not the way we tend to convey it in real life? I mean, when you meet someone new and decide to tell them about yourself you probably would not start from your first memory until you get to the present day would you?

Whilst this website does have the conventional sructure - pages, menus, links ,image and the like; The flow of information is not conventional. Therefore you should not be surprised to hear about my cat"s latest urinary disorder in the same page where I am describing how to write a regular expression for injecting class names in specific HTML tags.

Having said that, in order to assist the reader"s desperate efforts to avoid the textual debris, I make a conscious effort to provide meaningful anchor text as well as tooltips (especially on images) giving the reader a fairly good idea of what to expect if the click happens.

PraĊĦome palaukti.