This page is about my life as an ageing artist. Eventually it will replace the art section I created using Wordpress, that way things will appear more homogenious, stick to one style throughout the site.

The concept here is to upload images of my watercolours/oils together with my ramblings. I actually like reading other artsists ramblings about their works, I find it adds meaning to the art. Besides they are often quite instructional, you can pick up a lot of technique from this text.
Yesterday, a chilly autumn day, I took a bus to the old town in order to get some paint and a larger brush. Ended up buying a plastic case for holding artworks. I got home by 3:30 so there was still good light which allowed me to almost finish my latest work. See below:
A couple of days ago I received my copy of John Salminen"s video entited A designed approach to abstraction - it provided good company for the past two evenings. I liked what I saw. I suspct this DVD will result in some dramatic changes (impovement?) in the way I paint.

I have always struggled with colour. Design is not a problem. Designs come natural to me but as soon as I pick the brush...I just dont have a strategy.

Here are some recent design sketches:

Was hoping to apply what I learnt from the Salminen DVD over the weekend but instead of painting a watercolour I ended up painting the balcony railings - this might have been the last chance to do so before winter sets in.

But all was not lost - I managed to get the watercolour done yesterday. Or most of it at any rate. Here is what I have so far:

Not complete yet. I still need to saturate some of the colours and darken others. Also need to decide on whether to strenghten the outlines with ink.

All week I spent my bus time thinking about what abstraction is. What is it really? Its a process whereby the image is simplified and then recreated according to the artist"s perception.

I wondered if i could apply it the human figure, specifically the face. I thought about the difficulty I would encounter when trying to strike a balance between recognizability and abstraction.

This weekend I decided to do an excercise in human figure abstraction. I chose Pablo picasso as my model - after all he contributed quite a bit to this process. Here is my first attempt.

PraĊĦome palaukti.